Welcome to Danielle's homepage

My very full name is Danielle Samantha Williams Ben-Gera, which is also what dswbg stands for.

I am currently looking for job, preferbly in my field -- Natural Language Processing, but I am generally interested in human-computer interactios, usability and complex systems.

I have recently finished my M.Sc degree at the Computational Linguistics department in Saarland University, Germany.

My thesis focused on improving the ability of the computer to parse natural language by integrating semantic knowledge using machine learning methods.

A short CV, other areas of interest and some scripts you can find in the professional page.
In the personal page you can find more ever so exciting things about me and my hobbies (which I am yet to discover).
The 'other creatures' section serves as a platform for all those weird drawings I am making during hours of boring meetings and seminars (or boring evenings when no books in English are available). It also contains links to other humanoids that I happen to like (and posses a worthy link)
And, if you wish to add a word to the snake of words I use as the background picture, you may click 'add a word'.


If you should like to contact me, feel free to drop me an email: d-bengera-gmail-com where the three '-'s should be replaced with a dot, @ and another dot respectively

If you want to send me inspiring offers, subscribe me to exciting mailing lists, sell my emails to spamers or chat on Y! messenger, you may use bob-the-revenge-yahoo-com, where the mapping is (-,-,-,-) --> (_,_,@,.).

Lastly -- No, I do not have a facebook page. Sorry. I do answer emails though.